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We’ve been working tirelessly the past few weeks at Maine Country Home to get ready for the Spring Open House at the Nobleboro Antique Exchange (April 26-27).  But sometimes you just have to get away for a day and leave all the projects behind.  And how did I decide to blow off some steam?

Red Sox opening day!


You can work any day, just not opening day!


My big sister, Andrea, lives just south of Boston, and it’s always a treat to go down and visit her.  I’d never been to a true opening day before, so this was really quite spectacular.  The best thing about this day is the amount of showmanship and surprises they pack into the time before the game.  You can always expect to see Boston’s finest in uniform saluting our nation, and the great city.  Boston had lost two firemen and a police officer that week, so it was especially sober this time around.

DSCN4858 DSCN4882


Boston trophies, yes please!  Three World Series trophies, the Larry O’Brien trophy for the 2008 Celtics, and the Stanley Cup for the 2011 Bruins.  It’s a good time to be a New England sports fan.

And who better to sing our national anthem but Boston bad boys, Dropkick Murphys!  Accompanied by the Boston Pops!

DSCN4878 DSCN4876 DSCN4893

They were even kind enough to serenade us with the crowd pleasing “Shipping Up To Boston” to get us all worked up for the game.

DSCN4888 DSCN4898

Complete with Irish dancing ladies in amazing costumes even.  Does it get any better?  I think not.


Finally, play ball!  Thanks Jake Peavy for getting us started!


Caught Wally looking straight into my soul, unsettling.

The Sox didn’t win, but it was a great game.  Best of all, I got to spend it with my sister!


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