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DSCN4487watermarkIt’s Christmas, and everyone seems to be busy shopping and spending. This year we decided to go simple for our family and friends, to take the frantic shopping part out of the season. One nice simple gift for everyone on the list that is it. Ok, the 4-year-old grand-daughter is the exception.

I would have loved to make every gift this year but that was just not in the cards.

The picture below does show one of the gifts I did make for friends. These marble coasters are so easy to make. The marble squares come from Lowes. All you need to do is decoupage a graphic on top, and put felt or cork on the back.


For the poinsettia set, I used a graphic from the Graphic Fairy, and for the ducks a picture of an antique oil painting. I picked the duck because I have several people on my list who love decoys and wildlife paintings.  So pick a subject that fits the recipient.


I used the wonderful Annie Sloan Decoupage which is a glue and varnish. It really was a four easy steps.

  • Print the graphics and cut to size. I used 3.8 inches square
  • Apply the decoupage to the marble, and then set the graphic on top
  • Rub lightly to get out any bubbles, then add a coat of decoupage over the top
  • Apply three or four more very light coats of decoupage, then add the backing and wrap

I did these in one evening while I was cooking dinner. How simple is that!

The moral of the story, do something thing fun for you and the person receiving the gift. It really makes a simple thing like coasters special.

Tomorrow I will cover the rest of the gifts I did not make, and a fun shopping trip to Anthropologie.

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