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Now that you’ve seen the amazing stencils we have available I’m sure your head is just spinning with the possibilities! If not, we’ve written this handy tutorial on how to stencil on fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It’s an easy project that gives a big payoff.

1. Choose your stencil

What look are you going for? Whimsy…French…personalized…coastal…? We chose the Bee and Laurel stencil because it’s the perfect size for a pillowcase we had. You can create lots of styles and looks by using all, or a portion, of a stencil, or doing a repeat like on this chair seat done by Annie herself.

annie sloan stencil classical bird

annie sloan stencil classical bird

2. Pick a color, or colors

This is just as much fun as picking the stencil! Where is the piece of fabric going? Is it a decorative throw pillow, a table runner, a wall hanging? Pick a color that will complement the room it’s going in. Don’t have a destination? Pick a neutral like French Linen or Paris Grey that will look good in any room. We chose Graphite for this project, another great neutral that makes a bold statement.

French Linen chalk paintParis Grey chalk paintGraphite chalk paint

3. Position your stencil

Once you’ve chosen a pattern and a color (or two!), lay the stencil out and position it where you want it to go. Then tape it down with painter’s tape for easy removal. The tape will keep it from sliding out of position. We like to put a few pieces on the bottom of the stencil too, just in case we’re called away from the project.

stencil on fabric

4. Get painting!

Put a small amount of paint in a tray (or whatever you have on hand) and load a small amount into your brush. You don’t want a ton of paint in the bristles, you can brush the excess out on a paper towel if you’ve got too much.

stencil brush

You can do two techniques to achieve a nice stenciled pattern. One – circular: lightly brush in a circular motion over the stencil. This works best with a round, flat brush, like this one

stencil brush

It keeps the paint from going under the stencil and having that terrible bleed-through. The other technique – stippling: also works great with a round, flat brush. With this technique you get a little more paint in your brush and pounce it lightly over the stencil. This is great if you want to blend two colors into your design. These pictures show the circular style –

stenciling how to stencil stenciling on fabric

Round and round and round she goes!

5. Remove the stencil

Once you have your desired coverage go ahead and gently pull the stencil off the fabric. What you’ve all been waiting for, the ta-da! moment…

stenciling with annie sloan chalk paint how to stencil with chalk paint stenciling with chalk paint stenciling with chalk paint


In case you haven’t had enough Chalk Paint stencil love, here are some other pillows we did with Annie’s Fish stencil…

stenciled pillows blue coastal pillow annie sloan stencil fish

And don’t forget this table runner we did last Fall…

stenciling fabric with chalk paint

What will you stencil this weekend?

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