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We love playing around in the studio at our shop. It gets this creative, buzzing energy flowing around the store that’s infectious. We’ll get the person who has a similar piece of furniture or accessory in their home and can finally see how to recreate it. We always get the paint virgins who have never seen Chalk Paint or Milk Paint before and get so excited seeing it in action, and how easy it is! We had a stunning transformation during our open studio time about a week ago that we just had to share.

Maggi brought in a plain, unimpressive end table to open studio time and decided to try her hand at Milk Paint. She had always wanted to try it, but needed some guidance on the process.

painting furniture with milk paint

Boring, brown, damaged, wood in need of love. We opted for a 50/50 mix of Luckett’s Green and Kitchen Scale. They’re both beautiful colors, but together they just look amazing! Luckett’s Green is a nice spring green, and mixing in Kitchen Scale made it a bit bluer while still keeping the green vibe.

You can’t see it, but the table had a faux drawer pull on the front. Why someone thought this was a good idea is beyond us. Just put a drawer in people! Don’t be faking us out with all this hardware that doesn’t do anything! So we decided to completely remove the offending handle. Then we were left with two holes…hmm…

updating furniture with embellishments

You know us, easy fix! Six of our R108 Efex squares not only covered up those horrid holes, but it also made the table look super cool and customized.

green milk paint chippy milk paint

Milk Paint does this crazy thing where if it doesn’t have a surface to absorb into it will start to flake and chip off as it dries. It was exactly the look we were going for, so we were super excited when we saw the chipping beginning! It, however, kept chipping, and chipping, and chipping…We gritted our teeth and waited it out. It had to stop chipping eventually!

green milk paint chippy table

Maggi finished the table with some Antiquing Wax to bring out the details, especially on the Efex.

chipping green paint chippy green milk paint

We absolutely love the complete transformation of this end table. The amount of chipping was perfect, the color was to die for, and the Efex embellishments are so darn cute. What do you think?


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