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I recently read a great blog post by Annie Sloan on her blog paint and color.  She mentions the great colors and inspiration she saw when she spent her holidays in Cuba. This post go me thinking, inspiration is all around every one of us.

Every place in the world has colors and the feelings that make each place special. I did a past post on some of the colors we saw in Greece last summer.  Yet, I have never mentioned the colors of Maine.

Andrew Wheth

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

Midcoast Maine is Wyeth country, and those colors that inspired by Andrew Wyeth and his son Jamie are around me every day.  I live less than two miles from the Olsen house where Christina’s World was painted in 1948 by Andrew Wyeth. It is one of the best know American paintings of the mid twentieth century.

Sea Pumpking by Jamie Wyeth

Sea Pumpkin by Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth’s sea pumpkins show the vibrant side of Wyeth colors. Thinking Barcelona Orange and Greek Blue.


Of course we are influenced by the ocean, lighthouses, lobstering, and the country homes and byways we travel everyday. The reds (Emperor’s Silk and Tricycle) of the lobster boats and fishing shakes, the greens (Antibes Green and Boxwood) of the coast line and blues of the ocean are with us every day.

Coastal Lighthouse

Coastal Lighthouse

 Island of maine

The colors change with the seasons too. In the spring lupines dot the fields. Think Henrietta and Old Violet.


While the turn of the foliage in the fall is all yellow and orange. Then there is the seemingly endless fog is really Paris Grey in disguise.

Mid Coast Fog

Regardless of the weather or the season these colors inspire us on a daily basis.

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