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Color is a wonderful thing. Colors can change your mood as you walk into a room, they can make a setting perfect. Of course if you know the name of the color it can even add to the experience. Marian Parsons, AKA Miss Mustard Seed has come up with some of the best paint colors I have ever seen. The 12 colors in the milk paint collection are so evocative of all of the things that make country and cottage homes, home. And they can all be mixed to make other great colors, or layered to provide wonderful vintage looks.

ironstone miss mustard seed milk paint

Just saying the names of these colors evokes a picture  in your mind. Instead of white, the color is Ironstone, it immediately sends your imagination to a collection of ironstone on display.

Mustard Seed Yellow is a field of flowers on a sunny day, guaranteed to make you smile.

French Enamel, of course the color of beautiful blue enamel ware.

Then there is black. The color does not evoke a happy feeling. But when you call it Typewriter you can relax and dream of writing and creating.

My favorite, Tricycle, a true rich red. Of course I can see my granddaughter on her tricycle as I say it and it makes me smile. That is what colors do to people. I think it is so special that even the names of this great Milk Paint make you think of lovely vintage artifacts, and wonderful times in our lives.

I can not think of a better way to begin imagining a reuse and repainting project, than lovely colors with great names. Now I understand that it is more than color that makes some of these pieces great, but we can all use them to image and create.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint will arrive at the Maine Country Home in mid August. We are located at the Nobleboro Antique Exchange on route 1. (Now on Main Street in Rockland)

Look forward to seeing you for our paint launch!

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