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Two months ago I started on my first repainting project in many many years. I had a pair of oak side tables. Sturdy new furniture, just not my style. I was using them in one of my guest rooms in our Rhode Island home. The walls had been repainted, the pictures reframed new linen and  a new rug installed all that was left was to fix the side table.

Guest Bedroom

As I was planning the paint job, I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The colors I picked were Duck Egg Blue and Old White.  I bought the paint, and the wax both dark and light. I bought two books and read both of them. I thought this would be easy!

Compass Rose

Well the painting part was easy. The paint is very easy to work with, it sticks to anything and with two coats on the tables, we were as good as gold! I added a compass rose stencil in a contrasting color for some interest and let the paint dry overnight! Now I was ready for my first waxing job;)

My first attempt at waxing was a comedy of errors. All of them my own fault. Yes, I had read the book, but clearly not very well!  I put on heap of wax didn’t wipe off the excess, and did not work the wax into the surface. The next day even though it was tacky I added dark wax. Oops, now all I had was a dirty green blue blob. Not at all what I had in mind.

From the internet I learned that I could use the clear wax to remove the dark wax. Yep, that works well but boy did I use a lot of clear wax! In fact, the dark wax was just not the look I was aiming for. In the end I repainted the piece and took more time to learn how to wax.

Duck Egg Side Tables

The second attempts worked out great.  I started with one clear coat fully rubbed in.  I followed this 24 hours later with a second coat, and 24 hours after that a buff. The side tables turned out perfect, and were the first pieces to sell at the Maine Country Home.

Next week I am going to summarize, all the great links that are out there on the web on HOW TO WAX CORRECTLY!

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