The first snow of 2016 | Maine Country Home

Well, the first real snow anyway. We had a nice little storm on Saturday providing us with the winter wonderland we’ve all been missing. Normally we would have been open, but the day started out with an icy, rainy, mixed mess, so we opted to stay home and do projects instead.

It was a nice day to stay in with a mug of hot tea and fiddle away on the website and take pictures of pieces we’ve recently painted. It was so quiet since no one was on the road, just the occasional rumble of the plow truck going by. A nice recharge day spent looking out the window at the gigantic fluffy flakes coating the lawn and trees in a layer of white. As I sit and write this we’re getting a another light dusting, shouldn’t amount to much by Maine standards. Anything less than 5 inches almost isn’t worth talking about.

I could sit and watch the snow fall all day, but we’re back in the shop today and there’s things to do! As for our snow day project, I’ll share more about that tomorrow. For now, enjoy these photos of our Maine winter.

During the storm…

winter in maine

snow scenes snow in maine

All said and done. Simply beautiful.

snowy field

maine country home

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