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Hello October

Fall has arrived, I have managed to wile away the summer without a blog post. And the first one of fall comes from last weekends adventure in the Napa Valley.

Vineyards in Napa

I was raised in Northern California so this is home to me.  Now a days it’s pretty crowed but when we get back to my valley especially the northern end of the valley near Yountville it seems to be relatively unchanged and still the magical place I spent time in as a child and young adult.

Except…. It has changed

Again down the memory lane when I was a kid really showing my age here the valley had about a dozen maybe two dozen wineries. Today there are well over 200. They come in all shapes and sizes, with a large variety of wine making styles and flavors.

But one consistent is The Inglenook Winery owned now by the Copella family. It is one of flagship vineyards and has been here since the start of wine production. Today the old buildings house wine making, tasting rooms, and one of the most wonderful gift stores in America. Honest.

And then there is this old place in my memory. Yountville.  As a kid the railroad station had just become a few shops. The old hotel was here, as was the explore George Younts grave. The rest of the town was slightly abandoned buildings a small store and a laundry….

Just like we have all changed so has that little ole laundry. It is now the world Famous French Laundry and was the real reason for this long excursion all the way across the country. You see to celebrate birthdays and long-standing friendships we had reservations for

Dinner at the French Laundry.

It’s not your grandma’s michelin stars…. it is simply the best restaurant we have ever been to. The meal started with oysters, caviar, in tapioca pudding. Yup… who knew tapioca could be so elegant?

Bespoke Food… on this occasion they felt sorry that the folks from Maine had been served delicious but Scottish Lobsters so they added a course with fresh Maine Lobster.. Hmm…. how cool was that!

The night started with apps and champagne (DP) and we were so lucky to be the last outdoor table of the season in the new garden area.

10  courses later we had the culinary tastes of a life time, with service to die for.

Participatory Food

Desert was a participatory course with my friend Fedricka cutting the peaches before they were served as dessert.

My recommendation… if you ever get the chance it is well worth the trip.

Now back to the real world. Sigh…

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