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Sometimes you just pick up a piece of furniture for the sheer hell of it, with absolutely no idea of what you’re going to do with it. This is one of those times.

before chalk paint

This poor little mid-century table had no personality. I think my mother-in-law gave me this table, she loves to pick up orphaned furniture too. It had a terrible burnt orange cushion that had seen better days, and I had no desire to keep it or even try to recover it. So it sat abandoned in my junk room at the house until I finally brought it into the studio…and then it sat abandoned in the studio…

Finally, when we had some time to breathe, Kristy said she was going to paint this poor forgotten table. It made her sad to see it so unloved, and we hate to see Kristy sad! So she took over the project table for a few days to reinvent the little mid-century table that could.

Needless to say anything that girl gets her hands on usually comes out amazing, and this table was no exception.

painting mid century furniture

You can see she painstakingly laid out painter’s tape into a herringbone pattern. We don’t have that pattern in a stencil, and besides, it would have been difficult with the lip, the stencil wouldn’t lie flat! It took her an hour and a half to lay it out correctly, lots of measuring to get it even. And you can really tell that her effort paid off, it’s so symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

stenciling with chalk paint

mid century furniture

stenciling on furniture

herringbone pattern on furniture

gilding wax over wood

How about those legs? Glam-or-ous! Kristy taped off where she wanted to gold to go, and used King’s Gold Gilding Wax for the accent. If you haven’t tried gilding wax before it’s a great way to get a seamless, effortless “dipped leg” look you see all over Pinterest. You can apply if with a brush or your finger, and I wish we had taken a picture of Kristy’s gold finger! She got a little overzealous and had it all over her hand. Lucky for her it washed off easily with soap and water.

So what do you think? Will you stencil (or tape off in this case!), or use Gilding Wax on an upcoming project?

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