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It has been only 11 months since the diggers, in the form of the Mecklin boys, arrived to begin construction of the Maine Country Home. In that time we have gone from dirt, Diggers

to frames Itsup

to walls and done! Thefrontdoor

It takes a great team to do all of that work with all of the elegant craftsmanship involved to do it in 11 months.

Its Cold

Marc Lorraine and the entire crew at Lorraine Construction were just the best group of guys to work with. They kept up the pace through wind, snow, sleet, rain and some of the coldest temperatures the northeast has seen.


Through it all there were very few hiccups, and all very minor. Over the next few months I may tell funny stories about them, and the truth is they were even funny at the time.

To everyone who worked so hard to make our dream come true a big big thank you!

That would be the top Maine Country Dog, Kuri!

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