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Building a custom home is both a lot of fun and a lot of work. We have the best contractor on the coast of Maine, Marc Lorraine, and we still  have plenty of projects to do and decisions to make. Getting from this,

The foundation

to this, has only taken five months,

Maine Country Home

but the boys are rolling along now!

At every turn there are decisions that will flow downstream to the finished project. Placement of lights and fixtures is a good example. While I don’t actually wire anything, I still came close to freezing to death walking around the house making certain that every plug, light, and TV was exactly where we wanted it. Where will we put the TV honey? No honey, not there!

Now we are busy designing, ordering, and then painting the perfect kitchens (yes that is plural) baths, laundry room, and mud room’s storage. The boys will need this stuff soon, so we have to get cracking.

Last week as the blizzard of 2013 rolled into New England, the Maine Country Home achieved a milestone of sorts. The rough electrical and plumbing is almost done, and the insulation team has arrived. As soon as they are done the sheet rockers come in. After that its on to the fun part.

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