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You may have noticed we’ve been a bit color crazy since the beginning of the month. We’ve been pitting all of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors against each other in a heated bracket competition. We just wrapped up the first round of voting, and there have been some surprises, some landslide winners, and some close votes. We’ve also been sharing decorating inspirations on Facebook that complement these match-ups to show how to use these colors in your own home.

You may be asking yourself, “so what’s the deal with all of this color madness?”

March is a transitional month, especially for all of us Mainers. We’ve spent the last 5-6 months living in a dreary, bland, barren winter landscape. The only color we’ve seen is the occasional blue sky, and equally blue ocean.

fog landscape

The start of daylight savings means we’re no longer stepping into utter blackness every time we leave work, which is certainly a welcome change! We may get one or two more snowstorms, but it doesn’t stick around for long. we’re over the winter hump.

Buds appear on trees, robins return and bop around our yards, tulips and crocuses push their way out of the soil and remind us that spring is indeed on its way.

spring blooms

It’s this time that we start to crave what’s been absent for so long, color and warmth. Maybe we visit the local florist and grab a bunch of tulips or daffodils to cheer up the dining room table, or we go for blonde highlights the next time we see our hairdresser.

So in our little way we’ve been hoping to shake ourselves and you out of the winter hibernation, and get you thinking about warmer days, sunny gardens, and the sound of bird song again. It’s easy to bring color into your house any time of year, but the spring especially is a wonderful time to refresh after a long winter. So grab a sponge, paintbrush, or shopping cart and infuse some color into your home!

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