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I have been a bad blogger. Rule number on in blogging is “Just DO IT”. Ok…I have a great reason, and that is we have been designing the house. Yes, most people have plans and just let the builders build, and we do have plans, kind of!

The plans we actually own come from a home that has been built with a lot of changes that are not on the plans. And then, we have to add ours. So there you have my excuse, I needed to figure out windows and walls.

House walls under construction

The good news is we have finished that part, and the first floor walls are almost up. The windows are ordered and now we can focus on the next set of tasks. In between, we ran our first painting class and even found some time for some picking. Did I forget that we are running classes next week and getting ready to the holidays at The Antique Exchange?

And I promise that those blogs will be coming!

For any of you who want to be inspired, go to Miss Mustard Seed’s post from today on her new book. She is just a great inspiration.

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