Cruising in Greece - So think summer when the snow flys

Think Summer – Remembering the warmth of Greece

Think summer. I know spring is tomorrow, and today we have another 18 inches of snow. Enough already with the snow!


Clearly we are not having a normal spring this year, so let’s think summer! For me there is no nicer way to think summer than look back on great vacations, like this one from last year in Greece.My husband Chris Bouzaid and I spent a wonderful week on the MV Nauta, cruising from Turkey up through the Greek Islands finishing in Athens.

I am as captivated by the colors in these pictures as I was when I took them last year.


The islands are full of wonderful little ports filled with great food and small boutiques.

The blues and yellows blend perfectly with the landscape.


And the lovely warm sun and heat mean you can actually take off the winter coats and hats! That’s the part I am waiting for.


xoxo Lydia

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