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Did you know that you can add Chalk Paint® to Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax to make a tinted wax? I tell you, there’s no end to the amazing things you can do with this stuff! This trick is especially great if you want to add a light wash effect in one step.

Let me take you on the journey…

chalk paint before

Here is the sad, sad piece of furniture I decided to paint and use tinted wax on. Poor stand, no one loved you…

paris grey on furniture

Now it’s getting a facelift with Paris Grey Chalk Paint. Much better!

Once your piece is painted and dry, here are the materials you’ll need to tint Clear Wax:

how to tint wax

– Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax –
– A small container –
– Something to scoop and stir the wax with (a popsicle stick works great) –
– A color of Chalk Paint (I chose Old White) –

Now here’s whatcha do…

annie sloan soft wax

  1. Scoop out some Clear Wax. Take more than you think you need. Wax will keep, and you can seal your container and use it for another project. You don’t want to run out halfway through your piece!mixing annie sloan wax
  2. Mix in a ratio of 20 – 30% paint, and 70 – 80% wax. Start with less paint and add as necessary. Tinted wax should still act like wax, it shouldn’t feel like a matte surface. If you test it and it feels too chalky still, add a little more wax to your mixture until it starts acting like wax again.
  3. Mix, mix, mix! It shouldn’t take much effort to blend the paint and wax together, it should be smooth without any lumps. My mixture looked a lot like buttercream frosting…good idea to keep it away from kids and adults!making colored annie sloan wax
  4. Get your wax brush and try a small section. I really do recommend a wax brush for this application. If you haven’t tried Annie’s wax brushes, get out from under your rock and do it! They are amazing, and you can read about them here. If you want a little more tint then add a little more paint. I wasn’t happy with my first go, my ratio was probably closer to 30% paint and 70% wax.
    paris grey chalk paint


    annie sloan chalk paint white wash

    With Wax

    tinted paris grey with napoleonic blue

    Excess wax removed


  5. If you like the finish then go for it, wax the whole shebang! Leave a little more tinted wax in nooks and crannies when you’re removing the excess wax with a lint-free cloth for a natural look.

thick tinted wax

Treat tinted wax like you would Dark Wax, it wants to sit in crevices, brush strokes, details…it doesn’t like to stick to flat, smooth surfaces. Your smooth surfaces will still be waxed, but they may not look as tinted. I noticed with this piece the tint really stuck out on the legs, but not so much on the top or the shelf.

chalk paint on furniture

paris grey chalk paint

tinted wax on chalk paint

tinted wax on paris grey

So there you have it! Tinting Clear Wax can give you a very simple, one-step way to lightly add a wash effect to your painted piece.

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