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Trina’s latest project is a really cool one, and one that can easily be personalized for a gift. She made these plaques for herself and a friend so they could show off their marathon medals and race bibs. She started with a board (you can use any size for your project) and painted 2 coats of Chalk Paint® on each board. The top one is Florence and the bottom one is Emile, two colors that look great together, too!

chalk paint signs

She then used her special vinyl skills to cut out the letters, and then applied them directly to the painted surface once it was dry.

KDK plaque 4 KDK plaque 1

I run 13.1 for fun…you go Jody! Just thinking about running a marathon makes me tired…

Florence chalk paint on a sign

She added the cup hooks to hang medals, and the left ones hold a race bib. You could add fancy hooks, or create a unique border using Efex Appliqués. Really the sky is the limit with how creative you can get with a project like this.

chalk paint race sign

Ta-da! Here it is finished and installed in Trina’s home. It’s such a great personal achievement to both finish a project, but also to finish all those races! Awesome job Trina, hope you’ve inspired lots of people with your accomplishment(s). And be sure to visit her at KDK next door if you want personalized vinyl letters on your next project!

*All photo credit to Trina!

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