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We’ve painted with every color in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® palette. You have your favorites, and there are others that you simply wouldn’t paint with again. For us, Olive is one of those colors. The pieces that we paint often just don’t lend themselves to that dark and earthy tone. It’s great to mix with, or to lighten with Old White, but in it’s own we just struggle to incorporate it into our repertoire.

So when I was helping Trina from KDK next door pick out colors for an armoire I jumped at the opportunity for her to use Olive! She was painting it for her daughter’s baby’s room, which was going to have a hunting/camo theme, very appropriate for this area of Maine. I immediately picked out Olive which goes with the earthy tones of camouflage fabrics and patterns. Trina thought it was great, and she paired it with Chateau Grey to break up the solid color.

olive and chateau grey chalk paint

She used Chateau Grey for the body and the knobs, and Olive for the drawers. Chateau Grey helps to tone down Olive, but they work so well together because they’re in the same color family. We call Chateau Grey a “neutral with personality” because it works so well as a neutral and it goes with everything without competing with it.

chalk paint before and after

And she made such a cute graphic showing the before and after of her piece! Thanks for sharing, Trina, it looks so good!

*All photo credit goes to Trina again!

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