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Shutters are easy to find and have a lot of different uses. To start with you can always use shutters as shutters, both inside and out.

Shutters and doors are multi purpose. They can highlight a feature, hide an ugly feature, or repurpose with style and panache.

We used shutters to hide a unsightly feature the wall air conditioner in the Maine Country Home.

They make great inexpensive headboards and footboards for beds, and the beauty of them is you can go up and down or sideways for different looks. Or you can dress them up as this example from Pottery Barn shows. It is easy to attach a metal frame to both ends for a crisp look.

Shutter Headboard

Shutter Headboard – Photo Pottery Barn

They can be used as doors on book cases both tall and short. Or make a table or stand. One of the most creative uses is this wall of shutters from Olive and Love

Old shutters as a wall

Shutter Wall from Olive and Love

Another great idea is to make a shutter chalkboard, how cool to do with Chalk Paint!

Shutter Chalk board from cheap chick chat

Shutters are usually easy to paint to get the chippy look, as they are often well weathered when we get them. However, we strongly advise you to try to find ones that have most of the slats in good condition. There is sometimes a fine line between chippy goodness and a broken wreck.

So why am I writing about shutters? Well, it turns out in the not to distant future, we will need interior doors for a big project we are working on. Some of those doors will actually be repurposed shutters.

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