Versailles vs. Pure White/English Yellow vs. Paris Grey | Maine Country Home

We’ve got two interesting pairings today for our Color Madness bracket competition.

pure white chalk paint

PURE WHITE: Perfect for modern interiors, this cool, clean white makes a crisp contrast with strong colors. Please note: this pure white has the least covering power of all the colors so may require more than one coat or is best applied over a coat of Country Grey or Old Ochre.

versailles chalk paint

VERSAILLES: this color inspired by fine old French furniture and gilded doors. It is sophisticated and gentle, yet it works well with modern pieces too. This is a hue that picks up other colors well and changes character accordingly. Try using as a wash instead of white for a more dimensional color variation.

So which will it be? Bright Pure White, or soft and earthy Versailles? Vote in the comments below and on Facebook for your choice!

english yellow chalk paint

ENGLISH YELLOW: An English color from the development of Chrome Yellow pigment in the 18th Century and inspired by hand painted Chinese wallpaper. This was the first non-earthy yellow. It’s also a great fifties vintage color. Mix in a 50/50 ratio with Arles to make a beautiful buttercup color.

paris grey chalk paint

PARIS GREY: Soft, gentle Paris Grey is inspired by the painted furniture found in elegant French châteaux or old Swedish manor houses. It’s made from a mix of blue and orange, so it works naturally well with these complementaries. Use it over Primer Red or Cream, or with Old White. Lighten with Old White in equal parts for the perfect, barely-there grey.

Is bright and bold English Yellow your speed, or calm and cool Paris Grey? Vote below in the comments and on Facebook for your favorite!

We’ll be posting the results on Facebook tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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