Welcome Outback Petticoat, the newest color from Miss Mustard Seed.

Outback Petticoat is Orange, no doubt about it. What I love is the story of how Marion Parsons AKA Miss Mustard Seed designed, and named the color. The entire process, just like Marion herself is so creative.

Welcome Outback Petticoat

At first, Marion wasn’t sold on orange, it is, after all a hard color for furniture. She described it this way. ” orange was really tough for me!  First  I needed to convince myself to create an orange.   I searched for inspiration and found loads of beautiful rooms, pieces, and color palettes featuring orange.  I decided I could get on board with it.”

Once she decided to add the color, she needed to come up with the right shade.  Again, she says, “Orange can go bad very easily.  While developing the color, I ended up with all sorts of ugly oranges from macaroni & cheese to creamsicle to caution cone.  None of which were suitable for a piece of furniture.”


As it turns out, especially with milk paint the natural pigments, have to be bold or the color gets muddy.  Remember you can always tone down a bold color with antiqueing wax or mixing it.

But the part I love the best from Miss Mustard Seeds story is the name. Maybe because we spend so much time in New Zealand but I love how she got the name.

“The color was given the name Outback Petticoat by a group of our Australian MMSMP retailers.  The Outback has orange soil and it used to stain the hems of white petticoats of settler women.  The name immediately struck a chord with me.  I love the imagery of a woman retaining her femininity and sense of style, yet being impacted by her rugged surroundings.  I smile every time I think of that.” And I do also.

Today, in the studio I’m playing with a whole bunch of colors including Outback Petticoat to see what we can create! Join us if you’re free.





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