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What color should I chose? Part 1

It is the most commonly asked question I hear. Usually it’s a client who is painting their kitchen.

Here are some tips I use to decided on my color schemes. They’re easy, fun, and if you use them you will find the color you want every time.

First, what is your favorite color? What colors do you wear all the time? To find the answer quickly, look at your closet and pick out the most common color. Then look at your current walls and rooms and write down one or two max three colors.


Mine is navy blue, khaki, and red. I live in blue jeans and white shirts, khaki pants and white shirts, and blue and white stripe shirts.

Kaki and White Outfit

Second, clip lots of pictures. In the past we had to wait for our monthly magazine rush. But with the internet, especially with Pinterest, you can find thousands of images. My rule of thumb is this: clip and print only the things you love, don’t worry at the beginning about your style or your colors just pick the ones you love. If you only love one part of the picture just clip that or write on the photo what you love.

Third, put the clippings in a pile and leave them alone for a few days, (could be months or weeks) the point is not to keep looking all day every day.

Photo From For the House

Photo from For the House

Fourth, go back through your clippings and get rid of any you don’t still love.

Fifth, sort the piles based on color.

My guess, is that by the time you’re done your color will have found you.

Photo From Shades Of Amber

Photo From Shades Of Amber

The next step, once you have the family of colors, blues, greens, yellows or whites then you need to choose the shade.

We will cover that in part two….

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