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Green Box Details

What to do with an old box? Well storage comes to mind, but storage can also be a display. Candles, flowers, magazines, pictures, and books are all things that can be out for display. Turn the box upside down and set a lamp on top. You can also use the box as a centerpiece.  When you store fruit and seasonal vegetables, oranges, apples, pumpkins and squash you combine your storage needs with your centerpiece. It can be an edible and fun decoration that changes with the seasons.

Green Storage Box

This was a simple bargain find old wooden box, that I painted with Antibes Green Chalk Paint®, used clear wax and then dark wax. One of the reasons I used this box was to practice dark waxing and distressing. At first I only painted the sides but later decided to paint the bottom. That way I can turn it over to add height to other items being displayed.

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