Work In Progress - AKA Life - Maine Country Home

Life is a work in progress, which is why I have not done a blog in over a week.  What we have done is work on works in progress. And boy do we have a bunch of them.

First, there is the Sandy factor, dogs, boats, and houses, all over the Northeast to deal with. All is well on that front. Hoping all my friends in New Jersey are safe!

Then there is Lydia ELF. Christmas is coming, and we are putting together all new soft goods, and small items for the store. This of course meant a few auction house trips, as well as flea markets. I did well at the auctions but the fleas were full retail fleas and not very good ones at that. Oh, and there was one great yard sale!

There are four chairs being painted and recovered as I speak and Mr. Maine Country Home has been busy fixing this mantel, making tables, and working on half models. All of which I will blog about in due course.

Did I mention paint classes, setting up a new online store (coming soon) and the fact that the house now has a second story on it? Yep, movement there, even though we had to slow down for Sandy.

And finally, we are working on the new kitchens and the new kitchen cabinet, a project which will also take up quite a few blog posts.

For now though it is all just a work in progress, but after all isn’t that what life is, a work in progress?

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